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Foot Care for nurses

Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Education and Skills For Nurses

Are you an RPN or RN looking to end Shiftwork? If so, we have a program for you.

The Program

Our Program

There are 2 parts to our program & each must be completed.


Part 1: Online theory (no textbook needed)

Part 2: In-Class (Clinical Application) (3 days plus a half a day shadowing)

Part 1:

Virtual theory has now  gone international 

Part 2:

(clinical Application) with virtual clinical option


Our program makes it easy to advance your nursing skills! 

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Advanced Foot Care Nurse (FCN) Program

Are you an RPN or RN with experience in the field or are looking to expand your skill set into a new field? A career in foot care enables you to set up a flexible full-time or part-time schedule by allowing you to set your own hours, on your own terms. TiredSole™ is working with an amazing online host to deliver the most up to date education sessions for nurses interested in advancing their careers as Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurses. The course includes online theory, with Guided Tour and free online sampler, hands on clinical days and one on one mentorship with an experienced Foot Care Nurse.  No text book needed.

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'' I was working shift work as a nurse and found it so difficult with your children. I decided to take the Footcare course 4 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. I was able to make my own hours and make the same amount of money working part time as I had been with full time shift work, and I wasn’t missing out on things with my family! Finding work was easy and I built clientele very quickly!  Best decision I ever made! ''



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Advanced Foot Care Nurse (FCN) Program Information 
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