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  • Elite formulation for dry, cracked and heavily callused skin
  • Deeply hydrates with an intensive supply of patented LIPO2 biomimetic lipids and moisture
  • Ideal as a night care serum

Additional Details:

  • Softens and moisturizes calluses, corns, fissures and severely dry, cracked skin
  • Induces the self-regeneration of the protective skin barrier
  • Ideal for use as an added night serum in conjunction with Dry to Cracked Skin Foam Cream
  • Contains moisturizing urea
  • No artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives


How to Use:
Wash feet and toenails with soap and water, especially around and underneath nail edges. Dry thoroughly. Apply twice daily (mornings and evenings) or as needed to fungus-prone toenails. Wash hands, launder socks & bedding and sanitize shoes using Podoexpert by Allpremed® shoe and foot deodorant spray.  Shake the can well before use and hold upright when applying (don’t tilt the can) For external use only.

WS Cracked Heel Cream (Night Serum)

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